Our Club

The Jaguar Club of Southern Arizona is one of the oldest clubs in North America, originally founded by soldiers stationed at Ft Huachuca, Arizona who returned from Europe after World War II. The club at that time was called the “Classic Jaguar Club”. They were bringing back Jaguar automobiles after their occupation duties in England.

At that time, as the only Jaguar Club in Arizona, it had members from Yuma, Nogales, Phoenix area, and Lordsburg, New Mexico. In 1978 the sponsored the formation of a club in Phoenix to include the Northern part of the state which was named the Jaguar Club of Central Arizona.

The club started holding a Concours d’Elegance soon after its formal chartering and will hold its 45th consecutive Concours in November 2017.

As more members were from the Air Force stationed at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, the club was moved to Tucson and renamed the “Jaguar Club of Southern Arizona” to encompass members throughout the southern part of the state. The Club was legally incorporated under the laws of the State of Arizona on April 4th, 1976.

With strong leadership through the years and the great sponsorship of Royal Jaguar in Tucson the club has continued to flourish.

(Note: Most of the elements of the club history above are thanks to inputs from Len Wheeler, a long-time club member who currently lives in Tucson, AZ.)

On the 5th of August, 1972, twelve Jaguar enthusiast met at Ft Huachuca to discuss problems with their respective Jaguars. The assemblage decided to form a club with officers, assigned responsibilities, etc., with the intent and purpose of helping interest persons in acquiring, rebuilding, and showing off Jaguars. The group was not interested in racing, but more in the technical aspects of where to get parts and how to rebuild Jaguars. The name “Classic Jaguar Club of Arizona” was agreed upon. Officers were elected and committee assignments made.

The club was frequented by members of the Hollywood set when they were in Tucson to film at Old Tucson. Two of the more notable attendees were Clark Gable with his white XK120 with its red wheels, and Stewart Granger with his XK 120.

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